You have just moved in your new house. It could be a small studio with a bedroom and a kitchen only in the center of the city, close to your working place. It could be the first home where you will live alone and you won’t be splitting the dorm room into halves with your roommate. It could be the first home you two with your spouse are building together. Not that small, but not that big, as well. Just enough for two, or why not three of you. It could be a huge house in the suburbs, as well. bedroom-1078890_960_720The quite place you have been dreaming about so much after having to live in the tense, dirty, and noisy downtown for nearly a decade now. The houses and the homes people all over the world have differ in so many things that they are like different universes. But they have something in common. They all have a room that has a one simple function and so much charm. They all have bedrooms. They all have that place where we can just chill and relax. Where we can talk about the fears deep inside us and the dream, goals, and motivation that wakes us up every morning and gives us energy to conquer the world. The place where we can be vulnerable and strong in the same time. Where we can be together and alone. Where we can cry and laugh through tears. There no masks exist and no illusions. There everything is real. And that is why every person just loves this room, adores it. The bedroom is the place we feel so nostalgic for, a place that certainly deserves to be perfect, to be fancy and sassy.

Bring the Past

Don’t look back to the past, they say. What happened just happened for a reason. That’s right. But there is a charm in the past. There is something that attracts you. There are feeling hidden deep inside you that can be awaken only by the memories of the past. There is sadness and tragedy, of course, but there is joy and happiness, there is warmth and calmness. Bringing the past in the house is the best way of decorating it. Knowing who you are, where you came from, and what you went through is the best way of living. So photos, tickets, painting, art. Antique bits and pieces bought from abroad or sentimental ones you need to keep. Arrange all these nicely and relish.

Revive the Present

No matter how much we love the past and how nostalgic we feel too often, we need never forget the present. We need to live in the current in the best way possible. Make a comfy bed and create a masterpiece of it, arranging it stylishly. Get some motivational quotes and put them on places that you see often. But don’t overdo. Sort everything out and be pragmatic. This room has to serve you and to make you feel certain.


You have been living calmly and happily in your rented house and you have been sure that everything will be just alright till the end, when your rent agreement ends and you move out to go to a new place. You will be so certain and you lived so tranquilly, because you are not new in the city and you know of the existence of one simple thing – the end of tenancy cleaning. No matter what, at the end of your stay in this house, the end of tenancy cleaners would come to your house and do whatever is necessary to make it shine, bring the accommodation back to normal and assure you an inspection pass. And in reality, all this is true. Such cleaners who are more like the modern magicians and fairies exist and they do have great power. But unfortunately we don’t live in a fairytale and nothing in life is that perfect. And when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning there are some details that could be an impediment even to the experts. And on the top of this list is the carpet cleaning.

What makes this clean-up the weak point in this service is the fact that most often people fail to maintain their carpets right. They never clean them deeply, believing that the usual vacuuming is absolutely enough, while in fact it is more than insufficient. But then they make an even greater mistake and they fail to hire professionals for a regular deep carpet cleaning every once in a while. And thus when the time for end of tenancy carpet cleaning comes, it might be too late. Then only the very best of the very best would be able to cope with the problems. So find them now and be more careful in the future.