Are you prepared to take care for a cat?

Before taking a cat home make sure you are ready to take care of it. First, find a suitable veterinarian. The cat should be examined as soon as possible after taking it.

Should I get pet insurance for my cat 

Our advice is if you want to be sure about your cat, it's good to make pet insurance. Click To Tweet

This will ensure you if your cat is sick or something else unforeseen happens.

Cat food

Image of cat foodGet cat food and cat litter. You’ll probably be amazed at the wide variety of cat food. There are different types of foods for the various stages of the cat’s life, and they also vary in price and quality. It is best to feed the cat with what she has been used to. If she is accustomed to a lower-quality meal, you can offer her a better one. In order to be sure what food you should and give, consult your veterinarian.

The food bowls that are available depending on the material to be made are: plastic, metal, ceramic and glass. Disadvantages in plastic bowls are that they can be scratched, creating the right conditions for bacteria to develop. Even if you clean the plastic bowl well, the bacteria can stick to the cracks. Clean the food bowl after each meal and keep clean water at all times.

Another important thing for the cat at home is finding the right place for cat litter. You have to choose a quiet place where the cat can do “work” undisturbed. As with food, there is a wide variety of cat litter containers, but it is not a problem if you use a regular tray for this purpose. If you are worried that you will not smell and dirt out of the house you can try a covered box.

Whatever the box you choose, there will always be dirt outside the box, and to minimize the spread, place a pad beneath the cat’s toilet. Initially, buy a small kitten with cat litter and experiment with placing it in different places in your home to find out where the cat prefers to walk. The last thing you need in the preparation for the cat toilet is a special blade to clean it.

Other accessories that your pet will need are: scarf, transport bag, cat bed and several toys.

In order to speed up the adaptation of the cat to the new and the home, it is best to separate it in a separate Image of cat on the carpetroom with all the necessary accessories. Make sure the cat’s toilet is away from the food bowl. If you take a little kitten, the toilet should be closer to the food bowl, since it can forget where it is and fail to arrive on time. For a little kitten the distance should be about 2 meters and even closer if the kitten is not 14 weeks old.

If you can not separate a cat room, at least take it away in a more isolated place. Not long after, the kitten will start to be interested in what is outside his isolated territory. If it is already well-nourished and uses the toilet normally, and does not hide it, you can allow it to look at the rest of your home. To be the least stressful for the cat, the intelligence of the rest of your home is desirable at these times to be as quiet as possible. If you have a small child who can not understand the need for silence at these times, it is good to bring the child out while the cat is adapting.



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