How to avoid unforeseen costs?

Delete the temptations from the mail

Image of emailDelete your bulletin subscriptions from stores you bought from. Are you getting lots of deals from anywhere? Their purpose is to make you buy, there is no other reason for discounts and promotions. And it is often successful.

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If you do not buy it at all, you will save more. So remove these temptations.

Go for a walk

Correctly, just walk. Get out of the booth, tour the store or mall and tell yourself that you’ll come back to buy after a while. If you are at the computer, get up and have a coffee or tea, talk to colleagues, do something if you are at home. And check that you will not be discouraged anymore about the importance of the purchase.

Whims fund

Do you know what the reason for impulsive purchases is actually? The pleasure they deliver. Your brain is Image of giftready to get the right dose of dopamine and will apply any arguments to you to spend. Do you often have a bad day and make the bad mood easier with shopping? Everyone is happening. Make a fun-buying fund by shopping. And when you raise money into this fund, then you spend unreasonably. At least then you will know that this money has exactly the same purpose and you will not blame yourself.

If you often stay without money, because you spend unreasonably, you have invariably found yourself in the reverse scenario: You see a really lucrative deal for something you really need and really is important to you. But you do not have any money. There are two options to get out of the extremely unpleasant situation. The first is to agree that you will drop the offer and it will be your ear earring to observe the rules listed in the article so that it may not be the same again next time. The second is to hang earring again for another time, but do not miss the deal by taking fast loans.


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