Are you prepared to take care for a cat?

Before taking a cat home make sure you are ready to take care of it. First, find a suitable veterinarian. The cat should be examined as soon as possible after taking it.

Should I get pet insurance for my cat 

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This will ensure you if your cat is sick or something else unforeseen happens.

Cat food

Image of cat foodGet cat food and cat litter. You’ll probably be amazed at the wide variety of cat food. There are different types of foods for the various stages of the cat’s life, and they also vary in price and quality. It is best to feed the cat with what she has been used to. If she is accustomed to a lower-quality meal, you can offer her a better one. In order to be sure what food you should and give, consult your veterinarian.

The food bowls that are available depending on the material to be made are: plastic, metal, ceramic and glass. Disadvantages in plastic bowls are that they can be scratched, creating the right conditions for bacteria to develop. Even if you clean the plastic bowl well, the bacteria can stick to the cracks. Clean the food bowl after each meal and keep clean water at all times.

Another important thing for the cat at home is finding the right place for cat litter. You have to choose a quiet place where the cat can do “work” undisturbed. As with food, there is a wide variety of cat litter containers, but it is not a problem if you use a regular tray for this purpose. If you are worried that you will not smell and dirt out of the house you can try a covered box.

Whatever the box you choose, there will always be dirt outside the box, and to minimize the spread, place a pad beneath the cat’s toilet. Initially, buy a small kitten with cat litter and experiment with placing it in different places in your home to find out where the cat prefers to walk. The last thing you need in the preparation for the cat toilet is a special blade to clean it.

Other accessories that your pet will need are: scarf, transport bag, cat bed and several toys.

In order to speed up the adaptation of the cat to the new and the home, it is best to separate it in a separate Image of cat on the carpetroom with all the necessary accessories. Make sure the cat’s toilet is away from the food bowl. If you take a little kitten, the toilet should be closer to the food bowl, since it can forget where it is and fail to arrive on time. For a little kitten the distance should be about 2 meters and even closer if the kitten is not 14 weeks old.

If you can not separate a cat room, at least take it away in a more isolated place. Not long after, the kitten will start to be interested in what is outside his isolated territory. If it is already well-nourished and uses the toilet normally, and does not hide it, you can allow it to look at the rest of your home. To be the least stressful for the cat, the intelligence of the rest of your home is desirable at these times to be as quiet as possible. If you have a small child who can not understand the need for silence at these times, it is good to bring the child out while the cat is adapting.



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How to avoid unforeseen costs?

Delete the temptations from the mail

Image of emailDelete your bulletin subscriptions from stores you bought from. Are you getting lots of deals from anywhere? Their purpose is to make you buy, there is no other reason for discounts and promotions. And it is often successful.

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If you do not buy it at all, you will save more. So remove these temptations.

Go for a walk

Correctly, just walk. Get out of the booth, tour the store or mall and tell yourself that you’ll come back to buy after a while. If you are at the computer, get up and have a coffee or tea, talk to colleagues, do something if you are at home. And check that you will not be discouraged anymore about the importance of the purchase.

Whims fund

Do you know what the reason for impulsive purchases is actually? The pleasure they deliver. Your brain is Image of giftready to get the right dose of dopamine and will apply any arguments to you to spend. Do you often have a bad day and make the bad mood easier with shopping? Everyone is happening. Make a fun-buying fund by shopping. And when you raise money into this fund, then you spend unreasonably. At least then you will know that this money has exactly the same purpose and you will not blame yourself.

If you often stay without money, because you spend unreasonably, you have invariably found yourself in the reverse scenario: You see a really lucrative deal for something you really need and really is important to you. But you do not have any money. There are two options to get out of the extremely unpleasant situation. The first is to agree that you will drop the offer and it will be your ear earring to observe the rules listed in the article so that it may not be the same again next time. The second is to hang earring again for another time, but do not miss the deal by taking fast loans.


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Unlike agencies selling real estate, those who rent it are less regulated and do not fall under the provisions of the 1979 Estate Agent Act. And the prices of rooms in London are still ridiculously high and finding home rentals can be quite depressive experience if you do not know how to swim the murky waters constantly confused by the profession “Lodging agent.” Post a brief revelation Steve Lucas – formerly of such an agency and author of the book “Inside EA: A Behind the Scenes Look at How Estate Agents Operate”, and the site

At the apartment has shown high interest “There has been lots of interest”

Interest is well. But no concrete commitments. Get ready to leave their pledge your left kidney to be able to pay the deposit. Another possible reason is that there is somewhere in the chambers of the house has large patches of mold, etc.

It has all modern facilities “All modern fixtures”

But it is very likely that these modern for its time equipment have been purchased in 1995, for example. In most cases, these municipal facilities simply have not delivered enough recently to go to the “modern”.

“Must see”

… and all the other rooms on the market on which they should find a tenant, perhaps? This label sticks hundred percent of any accommodation that is available, without thinking for a second what they want to say this.

“Within walking distance”

Steve Lucas: “cunning words. Walking distance, but for whom? For my grandmother or Jessica? If you play by the rules, the distance should be reported as “walking” only if it is measured to fit within 1 mile or 10-minute walk “

“To a trendy neighbourhood or Tube station”

Except your street by some unwritten law never has a part of that” destination “. Agencies always feel obliged to some upbeat sticky label where the dwelling is located, and along with this comes out and all stations in London to qualify for the “fashion” (as long as you are close to your home, of course).

Certainly one thing you will be advised even by real estate agencyа and this is to clean professionally your rented property when you moving out. I have good experience with end of tenancy cleaning in East London. You can find more information here.

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The Banting Diet/Lifestyle is the famous high fat low carb diet that has become a common name to most individuals, as many people have changed their eating habits and incorporated the Banting Diet as their new must have food. Those individuals who have been following this form of diet religiously have experienced amazing results, whereas some feel it has done nothing for them.

With life comes the highs and lows, similarly we experience the same with diets, no matter what diet we choose they will be highs and lows. So, let me enlighten you more on the highs and lows of the Banting Diet.

To most individuals if a diet can produce weight loss then that is the best news for that individual. The Banting Diet effects each individual different as we are all not the same and also, we should take into count an individual medical history as well as their past food choices. Little factors can affect individuals who undergo this form of diet.

Flu-like symptoms

The one factor that is common in all individuals who undergo the Banting Diet is they experience flu like symptoms, known as the ‘the induction’ flu. It is very common in the firsts weeks of the high fat low carb diet. Also headaches can be experienced, vomiting, nausea and may experience slight confusion of the brain. But nothing to serious and theses symptoms do disappear after a few days. Actually, speaking these symptom’s individuals undergo can literally be avoided if the individual just keeps themselves properly hydrated. A simple quick fix method is to add some salt to water and consume it as this will reduce the side effects that comes with the diet.

Leg Cramps

Another common side effect of the high fat low carb diet, leg cramps occurs due to the loss of magnesium in the body and its not to serious but can create much discomfort for the individual. A simple solution is to consume much liquids, like salt water or take a magnesium supplement to reduce those painful cramps.


This happens and is quite common in certain individuals, due to the change in diet and the body is learning to adapt to the change. Constipation also occurs due to the low carb diet as the body becomes dehydrated. So again, drinking fluids with salt is going to help the body from becoming dehydrated, and consume plenty of non – starchy veggies.

Bad Breath

No one would like to have bad breath but this occurs in some individuals due to the ketone levels in the body which produces acetone. But this is a good result in a way as this shows that the body is burning down the fats. All that is needed is some good oral hygiene as the side effects is temporary.

Heart Palpitations

Due to this form of diet the body gets dehydrated so there is less fluid to help in blood circulation as the heart will have to pump faster to help the blood flow. So, drink plenty of fluids and this will help resolve the problem.

So, to sum up when you are on the Banting Diet always make sure that you always remain hydrated as this will prevent your body from experiencing some of the common side-effects experienced by some individuals. Eat enough of veggies and try not to consume too many starchy veggies.

And most importantly try and get some salt in the body by either by taking some magnesium supplement or consume salt water.

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