Dо it yourself: Aromatic bath bomb

See how you can prepare your own aromatic bath bombs, which make bathing an unforgettable experience:

How to use the Bath bombs ?

Image of bathtubBath Bombs aims to make bathing more enjoyable. The essence of their action is the essential oils that you can choose from according to the preference or the result you want to achieve.

The way you use it is not complicated and the only thing you have to do is to let it dissolve in the water-filled bath.

For those of you who do not have a bath at home or are simply not fancy fans, they can also use the bomb in the shower. Essential oils will blend in with steam from the hot shower, and the inhalation of this steam is very helpful and relaxing. For example, a bomb that blends eucalyptus and peppermint oil can help with colds and taking a shower to replace inhalation. If you use the bomb, make sure that the water jet does not spill it directly, but only in the corners, as it will dissolve faster.

Recipe for aromatic bath bomb


  • 1 cup of baking soda
  • ½ cup of citric acid
  • ½ cup of cornstarch
  • ¼ cup of water
  • 10 drops of each selected essential oil
  • Silicone form for ice

Method of preparation:

Mix baking soda, citric acid and corn starch in a bowl, making sure the mixture is free of lumps. Soda and Image of showerstarch are the ingredients that preserve the integrity of the bomb, while citric acid make foam. Slowly add the essential oils and mix them. Add water and mix. The mixture is ready when it looks like wet sand. Fill the ice form with the mixture and allow to dry for 12 hours. Then carefully remove and store in a jar in a dark and dry place.

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“Flying” mats for added protection

To be honest, the best way to keep the flooring would be if you do not you step on it. Instead of making strategic moves, however, simply place mats in places with the greatest “trafficking” as entrance hall, living room and bedroom around.

Choose the right carpet for different rooms

On the market will find the various types of rugs by size, shape and decoration, so this is the right time to furnish your home with such entirely on your taste! In terms of material, acrylic rugs are ideal because they are resistant to stain and fade from sunlight. Despite these their great qualities, they are not suitable for the hall and entrance hall as quickly wear out.

Here’s who will stop contaminants front door

Dust and sand are sworn enemies of the floors, so we recommend you keep them away from them by placing a mat at the front door. This will protect the parquet and tiles from scratches and carpet from mud stains. If necessary, place mats and the other rooms, bedroom and bathroom for example.

Bet on the mat with an intriguing design

The good news is that not sacrificing attractiveness in the name of functionality and you can choose doormat saying “Welcome” or “Please pull off your shoes,” and why not something more playful. You can even manifest sense of humor with slogans like, “Oh, do you like?” or “Better go to the neighbors.” The materials from which the mat is made, are also a matter of choice, but the most common are rubber and carpet.

The vacuum cleaner is your new best faithful assistant

Whether you bet on the parquet, tiles or other flooring for your home, its regular cleaning is the key to the preservation of its kind for long. For this purpose at least once a week, clean it with a vacuum cleaner, but if you’re a fan of her irritating hum, try a broom. If you are not a fan of both ideas better call to carpet cleaning Enfield. Dust and sand, which we import from outside can scratch the surface and in the best case, to destroy their coverage. Note the tabs on the vacuum cleaner and use these for rough surfaces, because although in rare cases, others can also cause damage.

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The Hidden Facts About Kitchen Decoration

The lovely look will absolutely complement a lot of kitchen decoration. Additionally, this type of decoration should solve the aim of proper storagestill-life-379858_640 within the kitchen. Even vases full of sand in layers of the tricolor don’t require any other sort of decoration.

Top Kitchen Decoration Secrets

Before you begin the decoration of your own kitchen we must consider your needs. Selecting the incorrect style, merchandise and color can make or break your whole kitchen design. These things may also be added to coordinate with the kitchen decor and used to improve the kitchen decoration.

Kitchen decoration is a key element of home decoration. Here is brief info on the 3 aspects of kitchen decor, with regard to the farmhouse theme. A nation apple kitchen decor is a superb idea for virtually any kitchen. Sunflower theme produces a great flower theme for your own kitchen.

Kitchen granite worktops could be installed within the kitchen and because of a number of reasons are somewhat more suitable and favorable than quite a few other worktops material. You too can have a tiny backsplash supporting the kitchen sink. Painted kitchen cabinets are among the great alternatives to store kitchen appliances. Their presence within the kitchen makes the kitchen seem more aesthetic and appealing.

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Current dwelling decorating pictures supply you with a possiblity to view all the newest trends in house decorating for every single room in your own home. So, before you begin buying maxresdefaultthings to decorate your residence, list down every one of the items that you’ll need for decoration. So here is a chance for you to pick from amongst the very best house plants and add a distinctive definition to your residence decor.

To be able to find that picture perfect room, you might need to compromise your typical ways of decorating. Although choosing decorative designs is fun, one may also search for some utility alongside good looks. If you would like to ensure your clothes usually do not accumulate dust within the wooden storage cubes, then a superb idea should be to purchase cubes which come with doors. Even a search online will be able to help you know several types of color combinations which will suit the exterior of your property.

Here is a gallery I found on the internet:

Original Source:

20 Easy Decorating Ideas to Make Over a Room in a Day
A little wallpaper, paint, and or colorful accents could make such a big difference in your home.

Let’s first discuss a number of the brands which are affordable and respectable, in detail. The above mentioned kitchen-1078864_960_720instructions come in handy whenever you have to create a virtual dream house. Let’s discuss these residence exterior ideas one by one. Let’s take a glance at some images so you can comprehend this decorating style better.

And some ideas by Beverly Barnett (Original Source: :

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You have just moved in your new house. It could be a small studio with a bedroom and a kitchen only in the center of the city, close to your working place. It could be the first home where you will live alone and you won’t be splitting the dorm room into halves with your roommate. It could be the first home you two with your spouse are building together. Not that small, but not that big, as well. Just enough for two, or why not three of you. It could be a huge house in the suburbs, as well. bedroom-1078890_960_720The quite place you have been dreaming about so much after having to live in the tense, dirty, and noisy downtown for nearly a decade now. The houses and the homes people all over the world have differ in so many things that they are like different universes. But they have something in common. They all have a room that has a one simple function and so much charm. They all have bedrooms. They all have that place where we can just chill and relax. Where we can talk about the fears deep inside us and the dream, goals, and motivation that wakes us up every morning and gives us energy to conquer the world. The place where we can be vulnerable and strong in the same time. Where we can be together and alone. Where we can cry and laugh through tears. There no masks exist and no illusions. There everything is real. And that is why every person just loves this room, adores it. The bedroom is the place we feel so nostalgic for, a place that certainly deserves to be perfect, to be fancy and sassy.

Bring the Past

Don’t look back to the past, they say. What happened just happened for a reason. That’s right. But there is a charm in the past. There is something that attracts you. There are feeling hidden deep inside you that can be awaken only by the memories of the past. There is sadness and tragedy, of course, but there is joy and happiness, there is warmth and calmness. Bringing the past in the house is the best way of decorating it. Knowing who you are, where you came from, and what you went through is the best way of living. So photos, tickets, painting, art. Antique bits and pieces bought from abroad or sentimental ones you need to keep. Arrange all these nicely and relish.

Revive the Present

No matter how much we love the past and how nostalgic we feel too often, we need never forget the present. We need to live in the current in the best way possible. Make a comfy bed and create a masterpiece of it, arranging it stylishly. Get some motivational quotes and put them on places that you see often. But don’t overdo. Sort everything out and be pragmatic. This room has to serve you and to make you feel certain.

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